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Most of us experience some level of anxiety in our lives at one time or another. Whenever something is coming up that we are worrying about the outcome such as an exam, job interview, competition…whatever it is, we all get those butterflies or sick feeling in our stomach as well as some other symptoms. This is all normal and pretty much everybody experiences this level of anxiety.


However, there are people who experience anxiety at an extreme level. Some people can get such intense anxiety that it can actually interfere with their daily lives. Also, while some of us may feel a bit sick in the stomach or get sweaty palms, people with an anxiety disorder can actually need to go to hospital due to the severity of the symptoms.

The way that anxiety can present itself can vary greatly from person to person. Some of the possible symptoms to be aware of with anxiety are:

  • increase heart rate/pulse

  • sweating

  • clammy hands

  • tremors/shakes

  • excessive worrying or fear

  • inability to control/stop negative or worrying thoughts

  • difficulty breathing

  • muscle tension/spasms

  • feeling unwell in the stomach

  • general feeling of irritation/frustration

  • panic attacks

NB. This is not an exhaustive list and people may experience these symptoms and a range of additional ones.

Remember, mental health issues affect everyone differently, the above is a very basic guideline of what to look out for. 

If you think that you have anxiety, or you know someone that may have it, please see your GP, a counsellor (you can make an appointment to just have chat with us at Just Two Mates), contact Lifeline (via phone 131114, chat, or sms 0477131114) or Beyondblue.