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Do you have a good work ethic or burnout?

It's great to work hard, but where is the line between hard work and burnout?

What is burnout

Burnout is where you work for excessive periods of time in an environment that is stressful, that causes high levels of continued stress or both.

Burnout is often associated with feeling:

  • exhausted emotionally

  • a sense of emptiness

  • as though you can't cope with the daily demands of life

People experiencing burnout typically have:

  • signs of physical &/or emotional exhaustion

  • feelings of being cynical about their work (start to hate their job)

  • feel less capable in their work



in 2019 declared burnout a legitimate illness

"resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed".

  • Unreasonable time pressure

  • Lack of support from workplace leadership

  • Unmanageable workload

  • Being treated unfairly

  • Lack of clarity in your job description


signs of burnout